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That is the new site, this one shall be closing down

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A New Site [Please Read]
Mon May 27, 2013 2:28 am by Zane
I shall be closing down this site and re-opening it to another type of roleplaying site
Here's the link, I hope you will join it, It will be a rather new sort of rpg, different from most sites. I hope you will like it.

Admin Zane

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PostSubject: Suggestions   Wed May 08, 2013 11:39 pm

We should do a "Fame" thing for when missions are complete. Like, say you did a D rank, you'd probably gain around 50 points of fame or reputation depending on how much the mission demanded. It should vary in a range kind of like the Ryo does. The more you have, the more you are well known. Same should go for infamy. Have a spot for that as well for when there are mission say from the akatsuki or a missing-nin that you accept and finish.

Also, we should make it so there is an area for each mission so we don't actually have to put it in the title of the topic. Ex: D rank missions go there, C rank go there, B rank...etc. Five sections total instead of D-B and A-S. It'll make it easier for people searching for specific missions as well. I don't know if there is a limit, but it shouldn't matter who takes the mission. If an A rank, they should be allowed to take a D rank if they choose. It should really be up to the user.

There should be a area for completed missions. Once you finish and it is accepted, it should get moved there so it's not taking up extra space in the other topics. Whatever link they posted for you to see if it was finished should be the one moved, not the travels or anything that involves them.

I think we should add a few more countries [not villages] if it's possible. Theres a few here that we dont have and I figure it would give more variety for some of the users. We would have to make a section for countries as well. Ex: Wave country didn't have a hidden village. It is a small island nation. [Obviously, some of the current villages are located in countries so there's no need to put them. Ex: Rice Field country contains the hidden sound village] Since you already have "Land of Iron", why not make it Iron country like it's supposed to be. Hidden Spring is supposed to be Hidden Hot Spring...ik that's just a peeve of mine lol.

Heres any villages I found that we could add as well if you want. I personally think we should since we wanted an all minor village site.
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A-rank Wanderer

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Thu May 09, 2013 1:06 am

U really went all out on this post huh? XD

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Special Jonin

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Thu May 09, 2013 7:52 am

Oh my. Thanks for the contribution, I'll read it, just give me some time
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Akatsuki Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Sun May 12, 2013 4:58 am

Alright let's first start with fame. It's a good idea for Missing Nins, depending on how many people they kill, assasinate etc, they get infamous points. Fame points could work for being a kage, but I don't see anyother reason since we already have ranks
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Akatsuki Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Sun May 12, 2013 5:02 am

Well we could work out Fame to HELP you rank up, because to become a Chuunin you have to pass the Chuunin Exams
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Mon May 13, 2013 10:58 pm

yea tht could work
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   

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