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That is the new site, this one shall be closing down

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A New Site [Please Read]
Mon May 27, 2013 2:28 am by Zane
I shall be closing down this site and re-opening it to another type of roleplaying site
Here's the link, I hope you will join it, It will be a rather new sort of rpg, different from most sites. I hope you will like it.

Admin Zane

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 Spring Cleaning [D Rank]

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PostSubject: Spring Cleaning [D Rank]   Fri May 10, 2013 1:09 am

Name of Mission: Spring Cleaning

Rank: D

Location: Any

Objective: With spring steadily approaching, villagers are opening up their homes to young shinobi to engage in the ritual known as Spring Cleaning. Most of these people have rather large houses or are too cluttered to do it on their own. There is no telling what one may find or experience on the job, but the end lesson is to reach out to the community.

Ninja Required: 1-2

Whose Accepted the Mission:

Ryo: 750

Other Rewards: N/A

Post Minimum: 5

Rules: Post link here when finished. Can only accept once. Cleaning multiple houses doesn't earn you more Ryo. Use your imagination when cleaning the home. Don't go over board with it.

Other Information: N/A

Whose Completed the Mission:
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Spring Cleaning [D Rank]
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