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That is the new site, this one shall be closing down

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A New Site [Please Read]
Mon May 27, 2013 2:28 am by Zane
I shall be closing down this site and re-opening it to another type of roleplaying site
Here's the link, I hope you will join it, It will be a rather new sort of rpg, different from most sites. I hope you will like it.

Admin Zane

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 Hachibi 8 tails

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PostSubject: Hachibi 8 tails   Mon May 13, 2013 6:20 am


Current Host: Uzumaki, Takashiro

Number of Tails: 8

Species / Race: Oxen-Octopus

Stages: 1 tail 2 tail 3 tail 4 tail 5 tail 6 tail 7 tail 8 tail

Unique Traits: With its great supply of chakra, Gyūki is able to use the Tailed Beast Ball, as well as fire it in rapid succession at a target.[11] A single Tailed Beast Ball from it could penetrate nine of the thirty-six barriers without even exploding.[12] Despite their massive size, its horns are incredibly sharp, coupled with Gyūki's massive physical strength, it is able to easily impale a human being.
During Naruto's battle with Kurama within his subconscious, it was shown that Gyūki had enough strength to temporarily restrain and contain a direct Tailed Beast Ball from Kurama, but was knocked out of the battle afterwards because of it. Its strength is so great that it could stop Isobu in full motion using only its extended tentacles, along with swiping Kokuō‎ aside at the same time.[13][14] It was able to endure being burned by Amaterasu for a considerable amount of time, and continued battling after being gored by Kokuō‎ and slammed by Son Gokū as well as being able to survive its own Tailed Beast Ball. Its tentacles offer it several additional appendages with which to interact with its surroundings and strike targets, but they are also easily severed. Even with its immense size, it has shown a high level of speed when it attacks,[15] and even fast enough to block Amaterasu with its fist.[16] Going with its octopus theme, it can also produce ink to blind opponents as well as form ink clones to bind the enemies. It can also generate enormous tornadoes which can destroy an entire forest with ease.[17]

History: Gyūki first came into being in the waning days of the Sage of the Six Paths, who used his Creation of All Things ability to separate the Ten-Tails' chakra from its body and divide it into nine separate constructs in order to ensure that it would never resurface after his death.[2][3] Some time after being created, the Sage sat down with all the young tailed beasts and told them that they would always be together even when separated, and that one day they would become one entity again with different names as well as forms than they did then when the time came for them to understand what true power is.[4] Gyūki eventually fell into the possession of Kumogakure.

Gyūki and the Third Raikage battling.
However, its ferocity was so great that none of its former jinchūriki could control it. They would lose control, and Gyūki would go on a rampage and destroy the village, requiring the Third Raikage to form a special coalition to subdue it. During one of its rampages, the Third fought Gyūki alone allowing his comrades to escape. During this encounter the Third managed to cut all of the beast's tails off, but both him and Gyūki collapsed with their techniques before they could finish the battle. During another encounter the Third extracted it from its previous jinchūriki, and sealed it within the Kohaku no Jōhei. Many villagers lost their lives during these episodes and Gyūki lost one of its four horns to A after the said horn pierced Motoi's father. It was ultimately sealed within Killer B, who was five at the time,[5] through the Iron Armour Seal.[6] B would go on to tame and control Gyūki through rigorous training within the Falls of Truth.[7]
At some point in the past, one Kumo-nin attempted to mimic the Gold and Silver Brothers by eating one of Gyūki's chakra meat tentacles in the hopes of gaining the power like a jinchūriki, but died in the process.[8]

Weakness / Flaws:
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PostSubject: Re: Hachibi 8 tails   Mon May 13, 2013 6:30 am

Buddy, you're supposed to copy and paste the format that's given in the code, alright? I'll edit for you the application to make it easier.

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PostSubject: Re: Hachibi 8 tails   Mon May 13, 2013 6:43 am

Alright, now lets start. First describe each stage of the Hachibi, how much power it gives and such, refer to the approved apps if you want.
The History part, I can help you with but you'll have to give me time since I'm having exams atm. You'll have to also include how you obtained the tailed beast and how Kusamagakure obtained it, anything that pleases you.

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PostSubject: Re: Hachibi 8 tails   

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Hachibi 8 tails
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